giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

Revolution, rebellion, meritocracy and democracy, these are words that continually vibrate in our minds, but what to do to put our ideas into practice?
I believe that the real revolution begins in our minds, because to change that surrounds us externally we must first have the desire to change within ourselves, it is true, our experiences affect our mind, but each of us has the tools and energy to improve.
We must have the power to transform our negative experiences into something positive for us, and then have the courage to expand our positivity to the world for love of neighbor because every life is important and each person must be given the opportunity to express themselves in order to evolve his soul to the desired direction.
We can not accept the insidious methods of exploitation that few men have imposed only a pseudo mania for control, we can not let a handful of unscrupulous people control the population, because everything seems bigger than us, but in reality is very weak because it was built on erroneous ideologies.
The lords of power have cunningly concocted the need for useless things as a kind of morphine that leaves us momentarily satisfied to keep the people trapped in their addiction because a people who delude themselves are a people who it can not react a people convinced that their welfare is in your pocket is a people that has no future.
They create dependencies exploiting the poverty, hunger, creating new fears and new diseases to barter with all our souls, with our freedom and our being with the dominance and mental slavery, we are trapped by invisible chains that can not make noise.
Personally I do not ever feel satisfied, I do not ever feel free as long as all people in the world will not be treated in the same way, until every living person does not have the same rights and opportunities because we are people, to have the real power, what is needed is only the awareness to do so.

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