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The dance of the illusion is a big circus where the music reaches everybody’s ears, enchanting, seducing, conquering, enthralling. It calms down the bad thoughts with bright eyes caresses and soft voices arpeggios. The illusion is that little smile you’d never dare do, because it doesn’t judge you but sweetly says the most right whispers for you. The dance of the illusion is a big decorated top, with its shining ornaments its mind has, covered with tempting ideals and conceptions. Don’t worry, everything has been prepared according to your desires, everything has been ordered by your mind, these are your dreams that decided to perform at last, like trained and helpless puppies on its fist leash. Come on, don’t be shy now, this big circus welcomes anybody making no age, religion, origin, intelligence, skin colour and social class differences. You’re here by now and your excuses for staying out are useless as the reality that doesn’t belong to you, and remember that only at the end of the show you will be asked to pay so a laughable sum that you won’t need your money. I’m sure that we will reach an attractive agreement for both of us; but hurry up, the big illusion circus has opened and the show is about to begin, go now to take the seat that belongs to you and don’t forget to smile because I know that at the end you will thank me, because look at you, you’re already smiling.

Some poems:

Female vibrations

You have the beauty of a woman
the smile of a little girl
and the affection of a mother
you have the charm of an entire world
around your body love.
You are a cloud with a sun flavour
that will never set
desiring a man
that will never die.


Vibrazioni femminili

Hai la bellezza di una donna
il sorriso di una bambina
e la tenerezza di una mamma
hai il fascino di tutto un mondo
intorno all’amore del tuo corpo.

Sei nuvola al sapore di un sole
che non tramonterà mai
nel desiderio di un uomo
che non morirà mai.

Rash start

A moment of pleasure
rash and obsessive.
Moments of power and mental derangement
moments, when the beast prevails against the man
and the flesh becomes passion to be devoured.

Our body,
A drain that can be dirtied
and flesh rests of a man who disappears.


Sussulto inconsulto

Attimo di godimento
inconsulto e maniacale.

Attimi di potere e squilibrio mentale
attimi, dove la bestia predomina l’uomo
e la carne diventa passione da divorare.
Il nostro corpo,
una fogna da sporcare
e resti di carne di un uomo che scompare.


Let the dances begin

Untruthful jugglers
with gentle eyes
trained to lie,
long hair to hide the face and hazy emotions
clear words that the mind doesn’t remember or
doesn’t think about.

Lisps of red passion
in the cold colour of your kisses
left on the pale passion of your fires.

Hearts juggler
now you’ve drawn your smile
and your knives have bled
for an unwarranted love.
for the game you have been trained to play
leave the dust of your jumps
to the eyes of the unaware audience
stealing their last look
with the greed
of who lost herself.

Abbiano inizio le danze

Giocolieri menzogneri
dagli occhi dolci
ammaestrati a mentire,
capelli lunghi per coprire il volto da velate emozioni
parole scandite che la mente non ricorda o semplicemente non pensa.
Labbra truccate di rosso passione
nel freddo colore dei tuoi baci
posati sulla pallida passione dei tuoi fuochi.
Giocoliere di cuori
adesso che il tuo sorriso hai sguainato
e i tuoi coltelli hanno sanguinato
di un amore ingiustificato
per il gioco a cui sei stata addestrata
lascia la polvere dei tuoi salti
agli occhi di spettatori inconsapevoli
rubando l’ultimo dei loro sguardi
con l’avidità
di chi ha perso se stesso.


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